Seinfeld stars in music video set in Jewish delis - Fri 15 Mar 07:50 GMT

Vampire Weekend's latest video, directed by Jonah Hill and featuring Ezra Koenig and Jerry Seinfeld, is an ode to the culinary institution

Seinfeld stars in music video set in Jewish delis

  JTA — In a new music video, Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig takes the viewer through two of New York City’s Jewish culinary landmarks — and none other than Jerry Seinfeld comes along for the ride.

  The video for “Sunflower,” directed by Jonah Hill (née Feldstein), starts at the Zabar’s market and ends up at the deli Barney Greengrass.

  Seinfeld joins them at Barney Greengrass, where an employee pitches a joke to him.

  Along with Hill and Seinfeld, Koenig is also Jewish.

  Vampire Weekend has released four songs in advance of its upcoming album “Father of the Bride,” set to be released in May.