Is Hadestown the Smartest New Musical on Broadway? - Thu 18 Apr 10:34 GMT

Anaïs Mitchell's concept album-turned-musical about Orpheus and Eurydice journeys to Broadway.

Is Hadestown the Smartest New Musical on Broadway?

  One could decorate multiple urns with all the Greek gods currently occupying the stage of the Walter Kerr Theatre, home to the Broadway debut of Anaïs Mitchell's Hadestown.

  Steeped in ancient mythology and brilliantly staged, Hadestown appears to be the smartest new musical on Broadway — but does that automatically make it a great show?

  Music director Liam Robinson ably leads the cast in some of the most difficult vocal music currently on Broadway, from the heights of Orpheus's falsetto to Hades's cavernous bass.

  Despite their rough patch, Hades and Persephone's relationship seems worthwhile — their coupling makes them better individuals, and better gods (Gray and Page have been with the show since its world premiere, and both have emotionally resonant performances to show for it).

  Still, if you're looking for a gorgeous, formally challenging, and finely performed show wrapped in the comforting blanket of the classics, you can do no better than Hadestown, a musical fated to be the snob hit of this Broadway season.