Hugh Jackman's Favorite Musical Number Is from 'The Music Man' - Fri 15 Mar 02:17 GMT

Discover Hugh Jackman's favorite musical number of all time. Hint: it's from 'The Music Man,' which he will star in on Broadway in 2020.

Hugh Jackman's Favorite Musical Number Is from 'The Music Man'

  Last seen in a musical role as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz, for which he earned a Tony award, the musically inclined mutant will make his return to the stage with The Music Man.

  The Music Man will return to Broadway October 22, 2020, with Hugh Jackman in the title role, as Harold Hill, originally embodied by Robert Preston in the 1957 Broadway show, and later in the 1962 film.

  during an interview, Jackman replied by breaking into the main title song from The Music Man, which also includes the songs “Rock Island” and “Iowa Stubborn.”

  He rapped: This interview, published on January 3, 2018, was released long before The Music Man announcement, so it’s unlikely that Jackman was trying to promote a Broadway production still being kept under wraps.

  When it comes to The Music Man, Jackman is simply a big fan.