Donald Glover and Adidas Debut Their First Collaborative Sneakers - Thu 18 Apr 18:37 GMT

The musician/director/actor adds sneaker designer to his already lengthy resume.

Donald Glover and Adidas Debut Their First Collaborative Sneakers

  But if you were at Coachella this weekend, there’s a decent chance AirDrop delivered something different, and far better: images of Donald Glover’s brand new shoes made in collaboration with Adidas.

  Glover x Adidas’s closest cousin might be pre-distressed Golden Goose sneakers—shoes that look like they’ve had their own interesting life experiences.

  Donald Glover x Adidas Lacombe NUREG GmbHGlover is just one of the celebrity talents on board at adidas.

  Donald Glover x Adidas Nizza Adidas/Gunner StahlAdidas/Gunner StahlIn the great sneaker wars, adidas is moving in the opposite direction of its largest competitor.

  Donald Glover x Adidas Continental 80 Adidas/Gunner StahlAdidas/Gunner StahlFor Glover’s part, the release of his sneakers pushes him into the final frontier of celebrity in 2019.