500K master recordings lost in 2008 Universal Studios fire
Channel4000.com - Wed 12 Jun 07:53 GMT

When a fire broke out at Universal Studios in Los Angeles in June 2008, a lot of Hollywood movie magic was lost. But it turns out the biggest loss was of music, and the world didn't learn about it until now.

500K master recordings lost in 2008 Universal Studios fire

  /ppAbout 500,000 master recordings -- many of them historically significant -- were destroyed in the fire, a target=_blankThe New York Times Magazine/a reported.

  /ppBut the loss of the master recordings wasnt revealed at the time, according to a target=_blankThe New York Times/a.

  /ppUniversal Music Group produced a confidential report about what was lost in the fire in 2009, the Times said, and may have kept the true extent of the damage a secret to avoid embarrassment and stave off possible repercussions from angry artists and their estates.

  /ppIn response, Universal Music Group questioned the accuracy of the Times reporting, without specifically pointing out what in the story it considered erroneous.

  /ppThe music company also said the Times story ignored tens of thousands of back catalog recordings that it had issued over the past few years, including versions of songs that Universal Music Group claims were created from master recordings that the Times said were destroyed in the fire.